Social Media for Dentists

Everyone is on social media. Are you?

Our in-house team of social media managers are experts in their field, posting, optimizing, and busy creating new content that caters specifically to your audience.

Building a social media presence will help build your reputation as the dentist to see in your area. Brands with a significant following and a strong online presence are often seen as more trustworthy, and when it comes to doctors, even more so.

How can our team help? Call us today to discuss your objectives and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote and strategy that fits your needs.


Dental professional preparing for social media

Boost Engagement

Engagement on your social media accounts adds value to your overall trust among new patients, and helps local SEO rankings increase as your social media accounts grow.

Build Trust

Social media management helps build trust with your audience. When engagement is high on your accounts, prospective clients associate this with a higher reputation and trustworthiness.

Stay Connected

Are you offering new promotions for new patients? Are you a cosmetic dentist looking to promote your services? We can help with that and keep you connected to your patients.

Paid Advertising Management

Cosmetic dentists benefit the most from creating targeted ads to specific audiences looking for specific services. We’ll hyper-target your audience while minimizing ad spend and maximizing return.

Organic Management

Not keen on paid advertising? We’ll run an organic campaign to help boost awareness of your practice. Existing offices benefit most by continuing to build trust with their patients, and new offices benefit most by building a new local reputation.


You want to know how the performance of your campaigns are doing, and we’re happy to keep you informed. Our in-house experts will continue to optimize your campaigns so that visits to your office and website are also maximized.

Dental Social Media FAQs

How much does social media management for dentists cost?

The possibilities of building your social media accounts are endless. Maybe this is an area where you’ve been lacking? We can help build content and boost engagement and followers, or simly just manage the day-to-day on your accounts. Let us know your objectives and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote.

Is social media really necessary for a dental practice?

People, especially when it comes to their health, trust brands that they already know or that many others know. That’s how we build trust, because others trust the brand. Are you taking advantage of the many benefits of social media?


I'm in cosmetic dentistry. How can you help?

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more people search for doctors with a strong reputation who can also provide top-notch services. Social media management will help boost this reputation.

Are you running a special promotion to help build a client base? We can help build awareness of it by managing your accounts, targeting the right people, and even create and run ads.

Let us know your goals or new services you’re offering and we can build a marketing plan around it.