Great Dental Websites

Your practice needs a great dental website to attract patients and we understand. 

At King SEO, we view your website as an asset to your business.

Need a great dental website and services? Look no further.


We can help! King SEO helps local and national dental practices build or redesign their old websites into great dental websites.

We specialize in propelling your dental practice to new heights within your targeted communities, leveraging our deep expertise in marketing:

Dental practices face unique challenges and we understand.  Our team goes beyond just creating visually appealing websites; we ensure your digital presence is optimized for both search engines and your patient’s user experience.  The social media packages are designed to engage your community, build trust, and establish your practice as a leader in the dental industry.

We employ the latest trends in marketing to help your dental practice remain competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape, and we’re happy to talk to you.

Our comprehensive strategic planning looks at the bigger picture.  We analyze market trends, competitor activities, and your practice strengths to develop a customized web design plan that aligns to your marketing goals.  Let’s start the conversation about how we can elevate your dental practice today.


Image of great dental website
Dental SEO team working on dental website

Your Dental Website, Built Right!

What can you expect from working with King SEO to build your website?

  • In-house SEO experts marketing your specific dental services
  • Geo-located targeting
  • Show properly in Google Maps
  • Maintain a competitive advantage
  • Boost your marketing efforts
  • Increased likelihood of new patients finding you
  • Connect better with your patients
  • Optimized website for a positive user experience

When you choose to work with King SEO for your website design and development, you’re not just getting a standard web presence; you’re investing in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to the your practice.  Our in-house SEO experts specialize in marketing dental services effectively, ensuring your offerings are seen by the right audience.

Dental Website SEO FAQs

What experience do you have with dental practice websites?

At King SEO Services, we’ve specialized in dental practice websites for over a decade, building a portfolio that spans general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry sites. Our team understands the nuances of dental marketing, from highlighting services like teeth whitening and implants to integrating patient testimonials and before-and-after galleries. We’re proud to share case studies of our clients who’ve seen significant growth in patient acquisition and engagement due to our tailored web designs.

How do you approach mobile responsiveness and SEO?

Mobile responsiveness and SEO are at the core of our design philosophy. King SEO Services ensures every dental website we craft performs flawlessly across all devices, knowing the majority of your patients will likely first interact with you on their smartphones.

Our SEO strategy is built on a foundation of in-depth keyword research specific to the dental industry, optimizing local search presence, and creating valuable, informative content that sets our clients apart. Our ongoing SEO efforts include monthly performance reports and strategy adjustments to keep pace with search engine algorithm updates.

Can you integrate patient management systems and online booking into our website?

Absolutely, King SEO Services specializes in integrating the most efficient and user-friendly patient management systems and online booking tools into our websites.

We understand that each dental practice has unique needs, so we tailor these integrations to streamline your operations, whether it’s through automated appointment scheduling, patient reminders, or secure online forms for patient intake. Our goal is to make your website not just a marketing tool, but a central hub for managing patient interactions.

How do you handle website security and patient data privacy?

Security and privacy are paramount, especially when handling sensitive patient information. King SEO Services implements robust security measures, including SSL encryption, secure hosting environments, and regular security audits to safeguard against potential cyber threats.

Complying with HIPAA and other relevant privacy laws is a top priority, ensuring all patient data collected through your website is encrypted and securely stored. We also provide training and resources to our clients on best practices for maintaining website security and patient privacy.

What is your process for website design and development?

Our process at King SEO Services begins with a deep dive into understanding your dental practice’s unique brand, goals, and patient demographics. This initial consultation informs a strategic design phase where we map out the user experience and visual aesthetic that best represents your practice.

Development is handled by our in-house team, ensuring seamless implementation of the design and functionality. Throughout this process, we maintain open lines of communication, providing regular updates and incorporating your feedback. Post-launch, we offer training on managing your website’s content, ensuring you feel confident in using your new digital asset.

How do you measure the success of the website after launch?

King SEO Services believes in data-driven decisions. Post-launch, we implement comprehensive analytics tracking to monitor key performance indicators such as traffic sources, user engagement, conversion rates, and SEO rankings.

Our team conducts regular reviews with you to analyze this data, identify areas for optimization, and adjust our strategies accordingly. Success for us is not just launching your website but seeing it drive real results for your practice, from increased patient inquiries to higher search engine visibility.